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Sustainable Commerce looks at the role that commerce and trade can play, when properly enabled by urban form, in creating an efficient and durable development framework that supports healthy and robust regional economies.

We are planners and retail experts who believe that a vibrant and self-sustaining economy is one that is primarily locally based, or at the very least, one that is based on a strong local foundation. We believe that a comprehensive, hierarchically-defined regional planning model is transit supportive and one that promotes long term economic and environmental health at both the individual and community level.

Our goal is to educate and inform communities and planning professionals of the value and importance of locally-based economies, and to influence and guide planning policy to achieve more sustainable system-wide performance at the regional scale, over time.

We believe the benefits of a regionally integrated, spatially-defined planning model promote food and energy security and economic stability; through cumulative and indirect value recapture and reinvestment; and through greater systemic performance and efficiency.